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Keeping Kids Happy Healthy and Safe

YPAD Ethos

YPAD believes that when you know better, you do better. As a result, YPAD courses are research based, educational courses with a trauma-informed approach for dance professionals and the dance industry as a whole. The mission of Youth Protection Advocates in Dance® is to provide dance professionals with the skills and resources to protect and develop healthy, happy dancers. Through the use of online courses, YPAD courses educate dance studios and communities worldwide on the core elements in constructing an environment focused on the well-being of kids and a sustainable, safe future for dance.

Start Your Journey To Better + Safer Classrooms

YPAD Leadership

In January 2019, leadership of YPAD transitioned to Misty Lown and her team.

"In 2014, I met the most amazing people - Leslie Scott Zanovitch and her husband Joseph Zanovitch - founders of Youth Protection Advocates in Dance®. They have been absolute warriors for the cause of keeping kids happy, healthy and safe in dance. To have met them in person is to encounter passion! In 2014, we hosted them in Wisconsin and I knew immediately that we wanted to get on board as Visionary Sponsors. And when they launched the first of its kind certification program, Misty's Dance Unlimited jumped on as the first certified dance studio and MTJGD as the first certified organization. If Youth Protection Advocates In Dance® was doing something, we wanted to be a part of it!"- Misty Lown

The Founder

Leslie Scott Zanovitch

Youth Protection Advocates In Dance® was originally founded in Los Angeles (2012) and was fueled by the passion and commitment of doctors, therapist, specialists, and educators for youth in athletic and artistic activities. Youth Protection Advocates In Dance® was born as a response and solution to various negative trends that commodify and exploit youth and adults in performing arts. Thank you to Leslie Scott Zanovitch and Joseph Zanovitch who continue to sit on the Advisory Panel to share their knowledge and guidance.

Advisory Panel

Evidence Based Research

Our Advisory Panel is comprised of experts in their fields. We want to thank the following individuals for their continuous commitment and dedication for the YPAD mission. Thank you Christine Landon, Lisa Phelps, Kate Fox, Emily Harrison, Christine Doolittle, Kristine Smith, Jess Slavin, Dr. Christina Donaldson, Patricia Sylvester, Sammi Rader, Jill Williams, Vanessa Terrell, Ashley Zimmerman, Dr. Tomi Ann Roberts, Jen Ray, Tricia Gomez, Alexandria Neil, Dr. Steven Karageanes, Neisha Hernandez, Melissa Klassen, Jennifer Jeter, Mandy Yip, Tiffany Prout Leitao, Katie Gatlin, Cynthia Newland, Richard Smith and Suzanne Citere.