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Get certified in proven best practices, backed by evidence-based research, for a better and safer dance environment in ONLY 3 days!

YPAD LIVE Certification!

February 28th- March 2nd, 2022

Join us online for a 3 day back-to-back training where you will be led through our Safety & Wellness Certification LIVE with Founder Leslie Scott Zanovitch and YPAD Advisory Panel Members including psychologists, doctors, studio owners and more! At YPAD we believe that when you know better, you do better. As a result, YPAD certification is a research based, educational course with a trauma-informed approach for dance professionals and the dance industry as a whole. We hope you will join us in creating a better + safer dance environment!

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Learn At Your Own Pace With YPAD Certification For Dance Educators and Studio Owners

Hosted via YPAD's Online Learning Platform

YPAD's most popular course delivering best practices for better and safer classrooms. In the course, dance professionals can expect to learn about the following core areas: educational best practices including background checks and CPR/First Aid, abuse awareness & prevention, injury prevention & response, and safety & emergency preparedness, social media/media safety/today’s dance culture, developmentally appropriate artistry, body image/nutrition/disordered eating, and bullying/conflict resolution. $349 USD Per Person.

Look At What Others Are Sharing About Their Experience With YPAD

Dance Students Deserve Well-Trained Teachers with an Understanding That Dance Education is Way More than Knowing a Few Steps

Mark Yonally, Chicago Tap Theatre

Chicago Tap Theatre believes that dance students deserve well-trained teachers with an understanding that dance education is way more than knowing a few steps. Misty Lown and her team at YPAD (Youth Protection Advocates in Dance) are doing something about it, by offering online courses that educate dance studios and communities worldwide on the core elements in constructing an environment focused on the well-being of kids and a sustainable, safe future for dance. Chicago Tap Theatre is proud to stand with them in believing that the dance field is ready to take the next step, and that a common set of standards is a great place to start!

If Every Teacher Had This Education, We Would Be Well On Our Way to Setting Self-Guided, Industry Standards that are on Par With Schools and Other Child-Centered Activities

Tricia Gomez, Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

The education provided by YPAD is necessary and covers so many topics that most dance teachers don’t realize they need. In my honest opinion, if every teacher had this education, we would be well on our way to setting self-guided, industry standards that are on par with schools and other child-centered activities that put safety and wellness first. Kudos all who have had a hand in developing such a fabulous education!

It's Better to Know and Not Need Than to Need and Not Know

Kate Moody, Studio Owner

If you haven't done YPAD training yet, do it. We had a loaded gun incident at the local high school this morning (everything is okay). But the thought that something could happen so close, is so scary. As hard as it was to imagine and read about all the "what to do's" in YPAD training, I am proud that we did, because "It's better to know and not need than to need and not know". Thank you YPAD team for all the great knowledge in the YPAD course!

YPAD Is Leading The Industry

Jill Williams, Studio Owner

Youth Protection Advocates In Dance® is the leading industry designation that all studio owners need to invest in. While we may hold a variety of views on how and what to teach to make “a good dancer”, we need to come together as a community of practice to honor the facts that make us “great studios”. One of the greatest sources of pride I have as a studio owner is hearing my studio families talk about their pride in the distinction of our YPAD certified studio, as it shows that it absolutely matters and forever will.

YPAD Is Evidence To Families

Darcy Fagerwold, Studio Owner

Youth Protection Advocates In Dance® certification is evidence to families that we are committed to keeping kids happy, healthy, and safe in dance. It is comforting to know that as challenging issues arise, YPAD is there to support and guide to ensure we are doing what's right for our students. Thank you to Youth Protection Advocates In Dance® for leading the dance industry in this vital endeavor!

YPAD Is Confidence Boosting for Instructors

Anna Toole, Dance Instructor

Becoming YPAD certified was an eye-opening and confidence boosting experience. We have the unique privilege of molding young people into confident, talented, and mature artists. Youth Protection Advocates In Dance® training allows studios to re-frame how we think about dancers' bodies, emotions and self-concepts and how we as teachers and directors influence them.

Being a Part of a YPAD Certified Studio Has Given Me the Tools That I Need To Communicate My Studio's Values.

Natalie H, Dancer

Being a part of a YPAD certified studio has given me the tools that I need to communicate my studio's values. I know exactly where we stand on things like costumes, music choices and movements and where we are not willing to compromise. I'm thankful to have grown up in a studio that puts kids first and stands by keeping them safe!

YPAD has shown me how to be more body positive

Tia W, Dancer

YPAD has shown me how to be more body positive. I feel like I've matured more since our studio became YPAD Certified. I am thankful for the opportunity to have gone through YPAD training.

Growing as an Educator

Emily Bufferd

Doing my YPAD Training and becoming Certified was a wonderful opportunity to grow as an Educator and become a better advocate for the Dancers I work with.

The Work YPAD is Doing is More Important than Ever

Kim Gringras

I can’t express it enough: the work that is being done by the YPAD team is more necessary than ever now that so many of our youth have phones and access to social media. As a professional in the business and the owner of an online mentorship program, I’m very proud to have had access to the team of experts during my YPAD training in order to properly educate my mentees on important subject matters such as self-worth, injury prevention, setting boundaries, cultivating proper and respectful relationships, seeking the right role models and remembering that dance is supposed to be fun, healthy and safe. Thank you YPAD for all that you have done and all that you continue to do for our dance community!

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